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Game Recommendation: Human Resource Machine


Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game in which the player progresses through a number of challenges, with each challenge meant to represent one year of your avatar’s life working at a some kind of large corporate company.  The reason I’m recommending this game is because the puzzles require players to program…well kind of 😛 The logic for each puzzle is that you need to create a program that will take the input given to you on the left and sort it as defined by the challenge before outboxing the appropriate output to the right. This “program” is made up of a constrained list of commands which includes things like subtraction, addition, jumping and so on. The challenges range quite drastically in difficulty so there should be something for anyone even if you’ve never seen code logic before.


While this game isn’t really about educating people to program, I think it can act as a very fun way to introduce some of the fundamental logic and ideas that need to go into completing tasks using a list of input commands, which is really all that programming is!  In addition, while you can just complete a puzzle and move on, the game challenges you to complete the problem within a given number of steps and a given efficiency (how many steps are gone through on average to solve the puzzle), forcing players to hone their solutions down to perfection (just like I have to do at work!).


I love this game 😀 – it has a really fun style, interesting puzzles and an easy to use interface. So if you want a gamefied way to get your head into what solving programming puzzles might be like, Human Resource Machine is a great place to start. The company also released their sequel to this game, 7 Billion Humans, just last week, and I can’t wait to try out an entirely new set of tricky programming logic problems 😀

Human Resource Machine can be purchased on Steam (link) or on the Nintendo Switch. I personally prefer the switch version as I like using the touch screen to drag and drop commands instead of a mouse, but either version works fine 🙂 Enjoy!

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