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Udemy: The place to go to learn the skills you need to start making video games!

When I first decided I wanted to work in the video games industry I started searching for ways I could learn the skills I would need to actually make video games, and one of the best places I found was Udemy.  Udemy is a website that provides access to literally thousands of online courses in a vast array of subject areas. In my case I found courses relating to learning programming languages, including C++, C# and Python, which were invaluable for getting to grips with the basics outside of a Computer Science degree (yes, you do not necessarily need a relevant gaming or computing degree to get into the video games industry – I didn’t have one and now I’m a gaming programmer and loving every minute 😉 ).

Udemy also has a number of courses to help you learn the basics of various pieces of programming software. This includes Unity (a great place to start if you want to try out creating games using C#), Unreal Engine and GameMaker Studio.  As a number of fully published and successful games have been created using this software, these courses can really help give your skills a boost, and act as a good test for whether you will truly enjoy working to create video games as a career!

If you want to check it out for yourself. the website address is here: Udemy

For gaming and programming I would personally recommend the following starter courses – they are both great fun and very educational (the best mix!) and you don’t need any previous experience to start making your very own games 😀 :

  • C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners
  • Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero To Hero In Python
  • Complete C# Unity Developer 2D – Learn to Code Making Games
  • Become a Game Maker with GameMaker Studio 1.4
  • The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games
The one thing I should note is that many of the courses on Udemy are not free, however the site often has widespread sales and the course prices are well worth the skills they teach!
So, that ends my sales pitch for Udemy, and also my first blog post! I should probably just make it clear that this is not a paid promotion – I’m suggesting the website purely because it is such a great place to find resources to help you learn! I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions please message me and I’ll help if I can 🙂


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